About Us

About Us

The Dental Association was established in 1952 with its two centers, Jerusalem and Amman, and is one of the oldest professional syndicates

The goal of establishing a union is to serve its employees. Article 6 of the union law stipulates:

-1 Upgrading, protecting, defending and regulating the profession.

-2 Cooperation with the Ministry and all relevant institutions and bodies to raise the health level.

3 - Collect the word doctors and preserve their rights and dignity.

4- Maintaining the literature of the profession.

5- Providing a decent life for doctors and their families in the event of disability or old age.

6 - Providing professional work for members, organizing cooperation in practicing the profession, and providing medical aid to incapable citizens.

7- Closer links with dentists abroad and with Arab and foreign trade unions and associations of oral and dental medicine.

As for the union law and regulations, they were as follows:

The Syndicate Law was issued on May 6 1972 in the Official Gazette.

The dental licensing system was issued in accordance with Law No. 80 of the Public Health Law of 1971.

The issuance of the dental retirement system in 1976.

Issuing the licensing system for dental clinics and centers in 2001.

The Palestinian Medical Council of Medicine and Dentistry Law was issued in 2002.

Likewise, the first day of oral and dental health 10/1983 was established, which became an Arab day

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